Earnings Season

Take the stress out of reporting — we write Board Reports, Earnings Releases, Investor Presentations and Analyst Call scripts from scratch in partnership with your in-house team.

Annual Report Season

It’s not just a report, but an investor marketing document with a 12-month shelf life, attractive to and expected by institutional investors, bankers and other counterparties


Event-Driven Season

Build that effective style of communications at events and meetings — we write speeches, create agendas, roadshow presentations, rollups and more.


Business as Usual Season

Maintaining your IR Kit is a never ending process, it will constantly be updated, tweaked and improved. We also help you meet regulatory disclosure requirements, create investor interest, write press releases and back you up during crisis communications.

Earnings Season

Reporting made seamless



First things first, we create your Earnings Release template, help you structure your IR Data Sheets and select the KPIs most relevant to your audience.


Because our relationship is built on trust and confidentiality, you’ll send us your management accounts followed by a briefing (either by a quick phone call or face-to-face meetings with an MD / CEO / CFO / COO).


This is our favourite part, digging into the numbers and developing the narrative. A first draft is born with a list of questions for you to help us tell the story behind the numbers.

Back & Forth

Your initial feedback is what we call filler information. With our questions answered we’ll start firing away at what we do best.


At this point the text is being finalized, data for the charts has been selected and the designers are adding their touch.


Some more back & forth.


The final, visually capturing vehicle is released to your analysts and investors via email (either on our Inktank IR CRM or other mailshot we prepare).

Completing the Package

We post your results (Earnings, Conference Call Invite, Audited Financials, updated Investor Presentation, etc) on your Investor Relations site, hosted on InktankIR.


Some data analytics covering who opened your earnings, who downloaded it via email and how many times it was accessed on your IR website.

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Annual Report Season

Sleek, colorful and informative — in print or digital only.


Financials, management accounts, analyst reports and existing photography and graphics.


We’ll review all what you throw at us, schedule some debriefing meetings and work with you to develop an overall vision for the report as well as the narrative on financial and operational performance.


We’ll start throwing some concepts at you. A neat design will usually require an investment in photography.


This is when our team of technical wordsmiths comes in and makes sense of it all.


Our writers and designers converge. 1+1=3.


Dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s


For print and/or digital.

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Event-Driven Season

We don’t organize them, but we’ll make sure you leave your mark


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Business as Usual Season


Day to day management of your IR kit among other things


IR Kit Tweaks & Updates

There is always room for improvement.


Regulatory Disclosures

Guaranteeing cross-border compliance with regulatory requirements.


Press Releases

Developing your media strategy and constantly drive interest with investor-focused press releases.


Crisis Management

When your CEO’s about to set herself on fire, we’re the people you call


C-Suite Support

We speak their minds and flesh out their speeches, conference call scripts, interview scripts and write their letters.

Digital Support

Digital Support

We maintain your online presence across multiple platforms

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