Why Inktank Is Retained

We create strategy + write, design and deliver bilingual investor relations kit — from full earnings-season packages to board presentations, websites to disclosure material. Online, in print and through software solutions.


We don’t move at the speed of light, but we’re incredibly fast — and accurate


A full range of IR products + skills necessary to get up to speed on any industry


We maintain confidentiality and trade no equities in the markets in which we operate


We’ve helped our clients raise equity and debt of more than USD 22 bn (and counting)


Where We Come From

Once upon a time, two business journalists tired of receiving lousy press releases saw a market opportunity. We would be a two-person partnership, writing only in English, telling stories for the most demanding clients in Egypt. We would work hard, tackle the difficult jobs from which others shied, and achieve something approximating a work-life balance.

Nearly a decade later, we’re still a two-person partnership that values hard work, creative storytelling and challenging mandates. That much is the same. We’ve also grown: Today, Inktank has 25 full-time staff who serve exceptional clients across the Middle East and North Africa in English and Arabic (and French, German, Romanian, Russian and other languages, if need be). We’re writers and analysts, developers and market information specialists.

Work-life balance? That’s a work-in-progress, even for an outfit as family-friendly as we aim to be.

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Why Inktank?

We excel at the difficult

Our staff love to dig into income statements, balance sheets, management accounts, PPMs and the like. We love digging into the fundamentals of our clients’ business models, and little pleases us more than finding a clear, compelling way to explain complex business and financial concepts to your audience.

We’re specialists

We know what we are — and what we’re not. Inktank loves numbers and business concepts. We don’t do consumer-facing material (unless you’re a financial institution), and we’re not a PR or advertising agency. We talk to investors, regulators, business partners and your employees, and we do it well.

We prize quality and precision

Accuracy in financial and B2B communications is everything. All Inktank products are reviewed multiple times for accuracy of figures, content, industry-specific information, grammar and your company’s house style.

We speak jargon, not corporate-speak

We write and speak with fluency about EBITDA and ROAA, CKD vs CBU vs SKD vehicles, forex gains and interest expenses, KYC rules and Basel II — but we’ll never waste your time with discussion of top-down, bottom-up, inside-out communications models, authentic stories and relevant touchpoints.

We’re fully bilingual

We employ native speakers of English and Arabic at all levels of the firm to support cross-cultural communications. We do not translate, but re-write in the second language based on a thorough understanding of the audience we’re writing for. Google Translate is blocked in our office.

We help you meet the Regulator’s expectations

…and can quickly get up to speed with regulatory environments in new markets, all in partnership with your in-house professionals.

We are independent.
Your interests are our only interests.

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Practice Areas

Investor Relations

Our bread and butter

Capital Markets

Equity or debt, we don’t discriminate


2x the counterparties, 22 as complicated


Building consensus around a painful situation

Private Equity / VC

In markets in which all capital is growth capital

Public Affairs

Engaging effectively with state entities of all descriptions

Crisis Situations

When your CEO’s about to set herself on fire, we’re the people you call


Industry and IR background to ensure you’re never blindsided

And a bit of B2B

Particularly if we’re helping you enter a new market or business

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We Can Keep a Secret

Because confidentiality is the cornerstone of all what we do



We sign and respect them. Don’t have one? We have a standard form for your legal department to review.


We don’t share your data. Or trade your shares


We use the same technology stack as elements of the US government to keep your data safe. Bonus: Our work servers are not published to the outside world.

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Some things we just don’t do

We’ll do investor relations work for companies of all sizes and in just about any industry. We also know our limits.

Consumers, Ads

We can help you raise financing for that new factory but we’ll stop short of helping you sell its production. Unless you are a financial institution, you won’t get consumer facing material from us.


We’ll master your financial model but we won’t build it. This is best left to the investment bankers or your in-house analysts.


We’ll create the media strategy and the communications pieces (news releases, etc) that support it. We do not, however, do day-to-day media relations except in a crisis communications situation.

Social Media

We’ll design your social media presence, but tweeting or updating Facebook statuses is not what we’re hired for.

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Hence, our (Anti-)Mission Statement


To not waste our clients’ time by allowing them to agonize over mission, vision and values statements. Investors don’t care, nor do your current or potential bankers, business partners or clients. They want to know who you are, what you do and — most of all — how you create value for them.


To end the tyranny of Mission, Vision and Values statements.


We value clear, precise investor and financial communications that help our clients institutionalise and diversify their shareholder bases, raise capital in its various forms, grow their businesses and penetrate new markets — without ever having to rely on Mission, Vision and Values statements.

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